New Site launched

Welcome to the new site and news feed for the Kendal & District Metal Detecting Club.

Stories and news items will be posted here.

If you have a story, please contact the site admin

Many thanks to all those that attended the meeting last night, and many thanks to Dot Boughton for her talk on the Silverdale Hoard.

silverdale hoard nested bracelet
silverdale hoard nested bracelet

5 thoughts on “New Site launched

  1. Hi , im hoping when all these restictions are over I can attend a meeting and join the club. Im fairly local and although ive been detecting for some time ive never joined a club before. Does your club have detecting days with local permissions?
    Thanks and Regards,


  2. Hi Guys, Hoping to get my first bit of detecting kit in May 2022 and will be in the Keswick area during July on holiday. This is a cheeky question but do you do temporary subscriptions or just annual ones?


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