LANCUM-096780 Spear

Medieval iron arrowhead probably dating from the 12th-15th century. The arrowhead is complete and tanged rather than socketed. The blade is roughly diamond-shaped with rounded corners and no barbs. No midrib is present. It is in good condition Broad period: MEDIEVAL Period from: MEDIEVAL Period to: MEDIEVAL Date from: Circa AD 1100 Date to: Circa AD 1500 RETURN home about us contact charities Code of Practice The PAS Land Owners links Resources Forum Find of the Month Gallery – Socketed, pegged, leaf-shaped spearhead made from wrought iron and probably dating from the later medieval period, i.e. AD1300-1500. It is complete and hardly damaged with a nice patina which shows bulbous outcrops in some parts. However, it is in very good condition considering its age. The wings are solid and only the socket was made hollow. A small peg would have held the shaft of the spear in place, but this is missing today. However, remains of the (iron) rivet are now merged with the rivet holes. The blade is long and leaf-shaped which would be unusual for early Iron Age, Roman or early medieval spearheads. However, it seems to have been functional rather than decorative which makes a medieval date likely. Iron spearheads of similar size, shape and form have been found in medieval contexts in Salisbury and London (Geoff Egan pers. comm. and see reference below). Chronology Broad period: MEDIEVAL Period from: MEDIEVAL Period to: MEDIEVAL Date from: Post AD 1300 Date to: Ante AD 1500

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