LANCUM-819FC1 Axehead

Cast cu-alloy short flanged axe dating from the Middle Bronze, ca. 1500-1150BC. This axe is likely to belong to the Acton Park 2, Taunton (Cemmaes) or Pennard metalwork assemblage, corresponding to Needham’s (1997) Period 5, c. 1500-1150BC. The axe is very worn, especially the lower part and the blade. A curious feature is that one side the flanges are much longer than on the other. This is unusual; normally the flanges are of equal lengths on both sides. The blade is narrowly, but much curved and a couple of dents and nicks might indicate wear. The upper part of the axe is not as worn as the lower (judged by the surface) and the reason for this may have been the fact that it probably was protected by the shaft before it rotted away. Chronology Broad period: BRONZE AGE Period from: BRONZE AGE Period to: BRONZE AGE Date from: Post 1500 BC Date to: Ante 1150 BC

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