Cast cu-alloy flanged axe dating from the Middle Bronze Age, i.e. c. 1500-1300BC. It is part of the Taunton metalwork assemblage. The axe has two triangular flanges and with its small stop-ridge it could possibly be related to the shield-pattern palstaves of the Acton Park metalwork assemblage to which it bears some resemblance. The axe is a heavy implement and complete with the two flanges and a very worn crescent-shaped blade. It has a dull green/brown patina and is, overall, in good condition. The surface on the lower part of the blade looks quite worn, however, and due to the large patches of active corrosion it is difficult to tell if there are any signs of wear (e.g. indentations or re-sharpening marks) on the surface Chronology Broad period: BRONZE AGE Period from: BRONZE AGE Period to: BRONZE AGE Date from: Circa 1500 BC Date to: Circa 1300 BC

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