Cast cu-alloy fragment of a dirk or rapier dating from the early Late Bronze Age, i.e. c. 1200-1100BC. The fragment is very worn and the surface pitted and smooth. Only the upper part of the blade, the shoulders and part of the hilt plate as well as one rivet survive. The hilt plate is flat whilst the blade itself has an oval cross-section. One of the rivet holes is badly worn, the rivet missing. The rivets would have held an organic hilt (made from bone, antler or wood) in place. The weapon was small and the size and shape of the hilt plate suggest that it was a Type Appleby dirk/rapier. Chronology Broad period: BRONZE AGE Period from: BRONZE AGE Period to: BRONZE AGE Date from: Circa 1200 BC Date to: Circa 1100 BC

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