Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS):

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a voluntary scheme to record archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales. Every year many thousands of objects are discovered, many of these by metal-detector users, but also by people whilst out walking, gardening or going about their daily work. Such discoveries offer an important source for understanding our past.
Regional contacts gives details of the Schemes network of Finds Liaison Officers. Each Finds Liaison Officer welcomes enquiries regarding ‘portable antiquities’ in their region. They are also happy to record any archaeological objects that you might discover.

You’ll find more information and useful contacts under You local Finds Liaison Officer (or FLO) is Dot Boughton and you can get hold of Dot using these contact details: Dot Boughton, FLO (Cumbria/Lancashire), Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Castle St, Carlisle, CA3 8TP, 01228 618760

Dot has been the local FLO since January 2005 and this is how long she’s been working with Kendal & District Metal Detecting Club (except for a short absence – maternity leave! – in 2009)! Dot tries to come to all the meetings of Kendal Club and the co-operation between the club and the PAS has always been very, very good. Dot prefers to take finds back to the office for recording, simply because there she has access to a photographic stand and a scanner as well as her library of references. It can make identifying and recording artefacts so much easier! Dot’s speciality is Bronze Age metal artefacts, but since starting at the Cumbria & Lancashire FLO, the learning curve (Roman and medieval coins, buckles and other artefacts!) has been steep! Dot has also been trying to further the relationship between the club and Kendal Museum and a couple of years ago, club finds were exhibited at the museum and some finds of older club members have been donated to the museum’s collection and are now on temporary or permanent display.