LANCUM-818A15 Spear

Incomplete socketed side-looped spearhead dating to the Middle Bronze Age. The spearhead is likely to belong to the Acton Park 2, Taunton (Cemmaes) or Pennard metalwork assemblage, corresponding to Needham’s (1997) Period 5, c. 1500-1150BC. The spearhead is corroded and incomplete, missing most of the blade and some of the socket on one face. The spearhead was likely to have been short and similar to Savory (1980) nos. 227 – 230, which Savory argues are of Acton Park metal, although no. 228 gave an analysis suggesting Pennard metal. A side-looped spearhead from the Thames at Mortlake (DoB 31) has recently been dated by Needham et al (1997) producing an early radiocarbon date of 3225+/- 65BP (OxA-5948) 1680-1400BC with a 95% confidence rating Chronology Broad period: BRONZE AGE Period from: BRONZE AGE Period to: BRONZE AGE Date from: Post 1500 BC Date to: Ante 1150 BC

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