Land Owners

Farmers & Landowners

The club regularly holds rallies on farm land in the area, these are held on Sundays throughout the year and give members an opportunity to detect over interesting sites, the land owner receives a fee for the day from the members for his/her chosen charity.

A summer rally weekend is one of our events giving partners and families a chance to meet. The Social Evening on the Saturday evening proves to be very popular.

Have you lost a piece of valuable farming equipment or maybe a sentimental item?

We offer a “free recovery service” so if you feel we can help then please contact us.

Every member has 3rd party insurance and is also a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting and bound to its code of practice for responsible metal detectorists.

We attend several events each year with finds to display, books and magazines, a raffle and can even provide children with the opportunity to “have a go” at detecting if there is a small area of land available for them to use.

Are you able to offer the use of any land for us to search, we are always looking for land whether it be Stubble, Pasture, Ploughed or Set-a-Side. Each club member makes a small donation to search and some of this money along with any funds raised through events goes to our current charity and/or the Landowner’s charity.