Cast cu-alloy box or casket mount dating from the 14th-16th century AD. The mount retains some gilding on the obverse in the grooves of the design. It has a short projection on the reverse for attachment to, probably a wooden box or casket. It is suggested here that even though it could also be a decorative book mount, the projection is too long for the cover of a leather-bound book. It is more likely that the mount was attached to a box or casket. It displays a winged lion with an almost human-like face which probably means that this is a depiction of the evangelist St Mark. It could be envisioned that this mount was one of a set of four (the others being a man, a bull and an eagle for St Luke, St Matthew and St John) that adorned the four corners of the casket’s or box’ lid, possibly a reliquary. Chronology Broad period: MEDIEVAL Period from: MEDIEVAL Period to: MEDIEVAL Date from: Circa AD 1300 Date to: Circa AD 1500

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