LANCUM-1C97F0 Strap fitting

Cast cu-alloy strap slide dating from the Early Roman period, c. AD43-200. The strap slide is complete and undamaged with a nice, even patina and almost no surface damage. It displays a moulded boss-and-petal or teardrop decoration on the obverse whilst being plain on the reverse. On the back, however, it has a rectangular loop for attachment on a strap. The teardrop- or petal-and -boss decoration on the obverse is well known from button-and-loop fasteners of the same period (examples have been recorded under WILT-2f9063, SWYOR-B4D9F1, YORYM-AF1344, LANCUM-FEA2A1 and LANCUM-CF9125). This type of decoration characterises Wild’s Class III button-and-loop fasteners. Chronology Broad period: ROMAN Period from: ROMAN Period to: ROMAN Date from: Post AD 43 Date to: Ante AD 200

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